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Our Ethics and Supply Chain

Ethics and sustainability are not only a huge part of who we arE, but also HUGELY INFLUENTIAL TO where we want to go.

Due to our size as a new company, we rely largely on coffee importers. We choose to work with a select number of independent green coffee suppliers, who's goals are to ensure that the supply chain is fully traceable, sustainable and help to bring social change within coffee-growing communities.

A great way to promote social change within coffee-growing communities is to connect growers and roasters, in a way that improves price stability at the farm level, distributing income more equitably along the supply chain.

Alongside our partnerships, we love to work with farms and producers, wherever possible. WE'RE PROUD TO SAY THAT WE'RE ABLE TO OFFER COFFEE FROM Colombia and one of the founders of the LaREB project.

LaREB project is a collection of coffee farmers coming together to create not just incredible coffees but also working their own supply chain. This is a quality-driven group dedicated to bring the best out of already good coffees focused on diverse processing protocols. LAREB has already established direct relationships with several speciality roasters, and is providing consistent offerings from the same producers over time, with dynamic profiles.

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